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Karlín Lifestyle

Culinary Scene

With a variety of popular restaurants (Eska, Lokál Hamburk, etc.) and stylish bistros (Proti Proudu, Nejen Bistro, etc.), Karlín is the crown jewel of Prague’s foodie scene. Whatever you crave, Karlín has you covered. Furthermore, the district has cozy cafes (Můj šálek kávy, Caffè Dallucci), pleasant tea rooms, great wine bars and much more.

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Nature Close at Hand

Open public spaces with greenery are imperative for happy living. Karlín doesn’t shy away from such places – there are green areas dotted with benches covering the Karlín and Lyčkov Squares, Rohanské nábřeží, and the large Vítkov Hill (a more natural affair featuring full-grown trees and walking paths), which is a perfect setting for sports & leisure and children's adventures.

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Cultural Scene

Karlín has a lot to offer to all culture enthusiasts. The multifunctional Forum Karlín auditorium regularly plays host to social and culture events of all types, including music shows performed by world-famous artists. The Karlín Musical Theatre, on the other hand, is a smaller affair and offers a selection of musicals. The cultural scene is further supplemented by a generous cultural & sports program offered at Kasárna Karlín (Karlín Barracks) and, after its restoration, the iconic Negrelli Viaduct.

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